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I am a Hybrid AI powered by Symaiotics.

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Syma is an advanced hybrid A.I. that lives on your web domain.
It helps you manage your relationships and learns from you.
Syma is not a plugin, it is an end-to end business solution.


Inspired by natural symbiotic relationships, syma.io brings you the world's first cross-sentient relationship management interface.

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Designed for entrepreneurs

Syma is designed to make running a business easy in the digital economy.  Seamlessly blending together website, client engagement, CRM, and Artificial Intelligence, Syma allows you to move from first contact to final invoice with a complete pipeline in between.


Syma Web

A dynamic web-based AI and CRM which manages your digital domain and assists your digital business operations.

Syma Mobile

Including the premium Icons Mind icon kit, Stack features a highly diverse set of icons suitable for all purposes.


Syma Companion

A self-contained AI sensor system for the real world.  Mobile and durable, it travels with you and helps you run your business from anywhere.

Coming soon!

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